Online dating websites for black people

17-Aug-2020 12:15

With that out of the way, you’ll agree with me that it is increasingly becoming hard to filter out and classify the musical content disposable to us on the online platform and it takes a keen listener to discover the artists that create relevant music that is true to our reality as black people and social injustices that we face.

Jermaine Cole another a prolific multiplatinum artiste often considered as one of the greatest lyricists of his generation, drop a platinum album (The revenge of the dreamer2) which got tongues wagging all over the internet, earlier this year and you really don’t have to be a hard core rap fan to be aware of Jermaine’s prominence in the hip-hop community since his breakout debut in the early 2010s, his position in the game as a technical lyrist who is able to strike the balance between the ‘regular’ rapper content about society version of success as in over- commercialize vanity lifestyle lyrics and vividly artistic painting the picture of the modern black man as a whole in a deep yet blatantly truthful manner as in the hit record “Middle child” in which the catchy hook may mislead you to think ‘oh not another song about getting high again’ but further down you’ll be carried away by his charisma and poetic prowess as he summarizes his heartfelt experience as a young black man in the showbiz industry and how his friends and drugs and alcohol habits influence is creativity and personal in the process composing multiple classic records, after addressing the current politics hip hop scene, he schools young upcoming rappers , while at the same time paying homage to veterans who came before him, then on the last verse addressing the major issues regarding the reality that we can all relate to as black folks regarding how the long blood line of oppressive trauma stemming from slavery to present day mass incarceration and transpire to creation of an endless dysfunctional relationships among black families thus negatively affecting black marriages and eventually the black youth unconsciously adopt the same mentality which impairs the ability for their generation to escape the same ill-fate as their father figures.

The platform also has an anti-catfishing feature which allows users to see who is genuinely who they say they are!

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This raises the topic question of how does a black man can finding a safe place to express anger how is it relevant in breaking this cycle of misfortunes, the initial consequences of being racially profile, law enforcement brutality and constant violent escapades manifests in form of a chain of reaction by the mind psychological to shut off emotional connection and entering in a survival mode this mainly attributed to the animal part of the brain (sub-conscious) adaptation to the perceived unfriendly and violent environment in order to survive, the logic behind this form of emotional hibernation is in order to survive one has to completely mask the hurting parts to avoid perceived predation main due to distrust, its nature taking cause in the ecosystem and the tricky phase of defining one’s place in the ecosystem.

Intending to break the mental chains and the victim state of mind, although it might be perceived as a simplistic/generalist approach remember even the greatest problems we encounter surprisingly have the simplest solutions.

And it is my strong belief that getting everyone on the same level and platform and opening up a simple conversation is the first giant step we have to take.

The next sequence that ensures is the development of a certain attitude unconsciously, followed by self-medication as a coping mechanism and if this carries on long enough it inevitably leads to a form of mental illness, irrational traits, emotional emptiness, shallow relationships, infidelity and insane amount of toxic anger and a ticking emotional time bomb.

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You may agree with me (or not) that self-medication only makes self issues worse by inducing additional issues such as depression and anxiety and serious substance addiction, sure it does helps but it can only treat the symptoms not the root of the problem, which is the main anger and emotional instability induced by the trauma and hurt inflicted upon us by oppressors and our kind.

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