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They are “the visible form of an invisible grace,” as St. Roman Catholicism celebrates seven sacraments: baptism, the Eucharist, confirmation, reconciliation (confession), marriage, anointing of the sick, and holy orders.

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Although the countries of Latin America eventually gained independence from Spain and Portugal, the religious legacy of colonialism has persisted.

In Roman Catholicism and certain other Christian churches, the sacraments are a key and essential part of the faith.

In Roman Catholic teaching, the sacraments serve to perpetuate the union of God and humankind.

Peter as the first pope of the nascent church (Matthew ).

Centuries of tradition, theological debates, and the wiles of history have shaped Roman Catholicism into what it is today.Although there are more Muslims than Roman Catholics, the number of Roman Catholics is greater than that of the individual traditions of Shiʿi and Sunni Islam.

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