Problems updating windows vista to windows 7

03-Oct-2019 17:06

Use these steps to create a USB bootable media to install Windows 10: Important: Before you can boot from the USB media, you may need to update your device BIOS settings to start from USB.

This process usually requires to press one of the function keys (F1, F2, F3, F10, or F12), the ESC or Delete key.

Easy Transfer does not transfer the actual applications. Once the settings have been copied, insert the Vista installation disk or copy the image over the network to the workstation being upgraded.

The Microsoft Deployment Toolkit is useful for developing system migration strategies. When the application runs, choose "Upgrade," and the computer will be updated, with most settings and applications still installed and working. Once you've backed up user data and settings, insert the Windows 7 disc or copy the installation files from the network's server. Once completed, again log into the network, test the functionality of Windows 7 on the workstation, and test the system.

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You could also try to make a full backup of your system, but Windows XP or Windows Vista don’t feature a “reliable” backup tool.Some will handle upgrades on a machine-by-machine basis, and others will create an image that is installed when the user next logs on.

Don’t forget to set your Screen Updating property back to True when you’re done.… continue reading »

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