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Induceaent iteas significantly related to coapletion were those indicatinq satisfaction with one's progress or perceived achieveaent in ABE. ui the results wore not in t»ie predicted direction and only one was significant at tho . While it is probable vhat there are othtr situational factors related to ABK particifviti.m, the .-nes described in this section were the ones identi- fied by this re/earrh. Ikrc ll nuty well be that completion of the ABE proijran wa K a o lusi as w. Co U-nan (1966) found high educational aspirations am. How ro Htri.a tt^achcr ivti U in being able to Innovate or UHi ii Ls/her i^wn ideas b.(FA) ERIC 1 1 I BEST COPY AVMUBIE I JEMS (PROGRAMS OF j DULT msic wmno N \ I An Identification and Analysis of Factors Related to Rates of Enrollment^ Attendance and Completion in Adult Basic Education Division of Education, Information and Training r ! it Is hoped that in future research, additional situ^i- tional factors my be identified and all factors weighted as to their importance as hinderances i»r stinulators of ABE participation. Tiiis subfactor was also part of the ovorall alienation iti? Its selection was based on the assumption that an adult's social relationships (or atti* tudes concerning them) might influence his/her desire to parti- cipate with other adults in an ABE program. M.;- troes, hut he felt that they took little action to bring 0-12 i (77Z - 77"^ - 75%) S^gnif icance less than .05 Yes Yes (less than .01) Mo No Yes (less than .01) Yes (less than .01) Ho ERIC G9 ERIC An examination of the data presented in Table 22 reveals a rntiu r inqjortant finding: Teachers who lack the general professional features of public school teachers have rates of attendance significantly higher than those who have such credentials. .fclnlts was jm-ater than the sntis- f art {on tfiey got from teaching in public schools. nuilt cximom U- benefit an adult will receive from ABK c.P A R T I C 1 P A T I 0 I TEXAS P R 0 G R A H S S OF ADULT BASIC E D U C A T I 0 il An Idenclf icatlon and Analysis oi Factors Related to Rates ot Enrollment, Attendance and Completion in ABE TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF COMMUr UTY AFFAIRS Office of Education, information and Training bv Chad Richardson Project Director Including a f - view and icscrlption of The Effect of ABE Participation on Alienation and Selected Behaviorn by l Ajren M. Uispos H ional Fact or/-i The dispositional facf^rs, it will be recalled, are those factors which exist as attitudes, values or beliets in the minds of adults and which hinder -r encourage ABK participation. The two items which comprise this variable are presented along with the total scores in Table 12. The two items selected for this cat- egory were general items included in the attitude scales. Three of the significant items show highest attend- ance in the classes of teachers %iho are not certified, %Ao have not coop'eted a college degree, and who are not employed as public school teachers in addi- tion to their employment in ABE. It would seem ERLC 72 -62- th.u variations in this factor ci^ld be rv Uted to changes in P , li. What problems a teacher feels are associated with teaching ABE Tiu-Kc variab K'ti are presented in Table 24. The rolation of each teacher's evaluation ABE to the percent attendan4'e of their students.

Prograa factors referred to ABE prograa aspects which reduced or encouraged participation. u •H O CO A C • O CO u ^ V CO I I •O 60 CO , J S CO Q CO ^ u A ^ O 0) a. TITLE ISSTTTOTION SPOWS AGSNCY POB DATF WOTF R7RIIABLE PSOfl 'DPS PBIC? Research populations tapped were; a saaple of ABE participants coapared with a siailar saaple of eligible, non-enrolled adults; State attendance inforaation of adults currertly participating in ABE prograas; interviews with adults separated froa the prograa during the preceding three years. Ihc relation o\ iteni H reflecting the perceived value of education to the three stages of ABE participation • ... c e CO CO CO CM I CM ON CM A m 1 c »-i ^fi o m •H ^ en 4J W 42 c o o O U "3 4J to 5 oo^-' Om- oi tlu- wust «ri MV r.

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