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22-Aug-2020 20:44

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I wanted to slap her, but I was live on national Television, so I just gave her my fake laughter and ignored the question. I love my fans but this kind of behaviour is quite unacceptable. My comment: I agree with Preity, I hate people with cameras shooting pictures randomly..kinda annoying!! Now I refuse to talk about relationships and DHONI in any of my interviews. Oops, only the kids My Comment: Kajol’s entery the cutest.. Furthermore, Rani has curtly asked the show’s producers, Cineyug not to make her resume her position as the judge until her demands are met.Karan put up my picture on his Twitter account and titled it as ‘My favourite girl! Asin Dear Diary, I always knew people would link me with my co-actors. But the media has started spreading rumors about me and Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Commenting on why Rani is so upset, a source said, “Rani doesn’t want the DPL participants to be eliminated starting this level (Level 5).We have reached Level 5 and need to carry out the eliminations to make the contest interesting Sadly the YRF movie “Dil Bole Hadippa” starring Shahid Kapoor and Rani Mukherjee flopped.Suprisingly there competitor “Wanted” didn’t do any better! 🙂 Bipasha Basu Dear Diary, Sorry I did not write in for the last 3 days. My Comment: Love the part where Bips says ” John’s happy too.

Directors have started taking my performance in Black way too seriously. I had a lot of aerated drinks too (they were short of sugar free tablets). My weight machine says I’ve lost 4 Kgs and now I’m feeling better than ever. And congrats on loosing the weight Bips 🙂 Aishwarya Rai Dear Diary, Just attended the Raavan promotional event. I am bored of my Barbie-like demeanor, but Mani sir has promised that perception will change. you should and shouldn’t..actually I have to see the movie to give an honest opinion.No comment! Everyone wants to know when I will get into a steady relationship. It’s mindless to link me with my co-actors because I’ve always been caught up between these bromances in movies that it’s highly unlikely. And on the Harman thing about maybe in 2050, kinda harsh but i wish it was sooner, because they’re so cute! The other day I was rehearsing a scene and I don’t know what I exactly said but everyone around me was secretly laughing. I usually read the dialogues from the script and the sound guy matches it with the shot. Actually, last week I attended a friend’s birthday bash and hogged chocolate cake and chips there. Thus, for the last 3 days I was working out in the gym. Not that he really cares”..they’re both such a cute couple. For all the cruelties my character goes through in the movie, it should’ve been named Sita. My comment: I don’t like the tittle “Piggy Chops” on Priyanka either but I love calling her “Pranks” but I agree with Priyanka, we should respect her name she has a REAL one you know.Today, she is a far cry from the Ms Congeniality she used to be in her Bunty aur Babli days with Abhishek Bachchan.

She used to be everyone’s favourite but that only led to trying to please everybody and Rani is now neither here, nor there.

She found refuge in one banner, which the industry is now referring to as her home banner.

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