Regret not dating in high school

05-Aug-2020 19:56

And when I did ask if I could hang out with her, she ended up standing me up twice during college last year to hang out and then, after not receiving a text back on when she wanted to hang out and after I realized (after getting advice from multiple people) the friendship wasn't worth keeping alive, she said "she learned who her real friends" were on Facebook. I put no effort into learning at all during class, but after school I was active as fuck. Not only has it been keeping me active, I met so many people and would only have like one friend without it. TL; DR: Dropping out of a class led to me making a friend, which led to me opening up enough to no longer feel as shy as I was beforehand and make a lot of friends. Luckily I grew up in a country where high school grades are kinda meaningless, because I failed hard! In high school, it is safe to say I wasn’t an ideal student.There were many, and I mean many, things that I would change if I could. School just wasn’t an interest to me, studying wasn’t an interest to me.I even realized while I was in high school that I should’ve worked a little bit harder, but I just didn’t have the motivation to do so.

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Last but not least, I regret caring what people thought of me.

I have this yellow beer hat and cardboard 3D glasses I wore them at my 17th birthday in school. I once went 4-73 in one league I was in, that's how good I was.)But during Semester 2, after producing a broadcast for the OFSAA AAA Boy's Basketball Championships in 2012, a lot of people were talking to me more than ever, as I had been offered an internship once I finished high school with a basketball recruiting site after putting together a second successful broadcast (I also ran a broadcast stream for a local tournament at our school before.) But during that time, I was only able to make small-talk, so I was still closed up.

I used to always just have breakfast, go to school, sit down in class, go have lunch, go to class again, go home, play video games, eat dinner, do my homework, play more video games, sleep, repeat. I went home many times with a dry throat from being silent all day long and usually went straight to my computer to talk to people from my video game leagues (NBA 2K Sim Leagues, if you're wondering.

We just ended up having a conversation that lasted the whole class, and we became friends from that point on.

I went from sitting alone at lunch (I have Asperger's, so it wasn't that big of an issue to me) to eating with just her, then a group of about six people.

That also helped me a lot in terms of my college life as well.