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13-Oct-2019 00:15

It was no mystery her high school in Katy, Texas crowned her as their Homecoming Queen.

She definitely didn’t need any cosmetic procedures back then.

For the sequel to “Bridget Jones,” Renee not only gained weight but also changed her hair color to black hair.

Red lipstick added a sensuality mouth and as a result, her face cheeks appeared fuller as well.

Over the years, Renee’s appearance has become the subject of plastic surgery speculations, wonders, and criticisms. We’ll walk you through these changes in the comparisons below.

With her face and image constantly featured in the media, fans have always wondered if the actress has had botox, eyelid surgery, or a facelift. Renee’s earlier photos as a budding actress in the 1990s showed her with a flat chest.

Upon closer look, Renee might have also gotten blepharoplasty, which removed the extra skin on her inner eyelids.

Her brows have also appeared to be positioned lower when compared to photos of her younger self.

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A narrow nose indicated that she could have also undergone a rhinoplasty during this period, while her lips have remained fuller with possibly consistent lip injections.She also confirmed in some interviews that she had to wear padded bras and fake breasts for the movie as her character needed to look like an average 135-pound British woman.But after “Bridget Jones” and the 2004 sequel came out, Renee’s boobs remained fuller and bigger than when she first arrived in Hollywood.Oscar-winning star Renee Zellwegger earned her big break in Hollywood as Tom Cruise’s romantic partner in the 1996 film “Jerry Maguire.” Uttering the famous line, “You had me at hello…” Renee wowed not just her onscreen love interest but also the moviegoers who found her refreshing beauty unforgettable.

Renee had brunette hair, beautiful eyes, full lips, and an angelic face.Here she attends “My One and Only” movie Premier at the Berlinale Palast in Berlin, Germany.

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