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However, with more compression there is more loss of image quality. For printing use, it is best to convert the image to a CMYK TIFF.

JPG files are popular for computer and Web use, since the file size is smaller, yet it has a good range of color depth.

The file size is small and allows a much better color range than GIF.

Transparency can be saved in the PNG format, but it does not have the animation feature of the GIF file.

For example, a file created in a program such as Microsoft Word or Adobe In Design can be saved in PDF format and then can be widely distributed without worrying if the recipient will be able to read the file.

Read more »Four-color printing is the standard process for printing in color.

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For screen projects (Web viewing, etc.), use JPG, GIF, and PNG formats.

GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) is a high compression format and is limited to 256 colors.

Because of its small file size, it is useful for Web images.

Most images are captured in some digital file format. For negatives and prints, the image needs to be scanned and saved into a digital format.

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Digital images can be converted into different file formats depending on how it needs to be used.

The better the source image, then the better the options to make adjustments and still retain quality.

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