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15-Jan-2020 01:26

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Schedule issues may have been a concern simply because Robert Pattinson has been busy working on throughout Europe.

He’s been in London and Budapest, where he was besieged by numerous highly enthusiastic fans.

True, the lips aren’t quite touching in the photo above, but they’re pretty close.

And Bella’s nose is clearly touching Edward’s cheek.

Pattinson took it all in stride, signing autographs and even speaking a few words in Hungarian.

Photo: Summit Entertainment Eclipse Twilight movie Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart meadow scene photo.

What I most like about those images is that the “pretty” scenery isn’t just “pretty” – it’s not even “just” beautiful.

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But really, unless you’re a total, out-of-control prudish freak, you’ll find this Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart photo totally harmless. The source for this bit of news is a site called Lainey Gossip, which I was totally unfamiliar with until I read reports elsewhere quoting from it just now.

‘s Leighton Meester, when Pattinson wasn’t even in the country – and Pattinson and Meester have apparently never even met.