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I'm only 24 years old, but I've been awake for quite some times now. I've been digging for many kinds of information, from many disciplines for years now, so I've accumulated a significant repository of knowledge and researches.

I'm updating it daily and trying to add my handwritten note here and there.

On the 28 th of October, 2017, an "insider" began making claims to be a Trump administration clearance holder. Soon the denizens of /pol/ began using the moniker "Q" as a means of identification for the supposed insider and their predictive and leading posts about world events.

The vast majority of people post on 4chan anonymously (aka "anons") and can create and post in threads without exposing their non-internet based identity.

_This document was created on the 11/03/1 7 and updated daily up to the 04/03/18.

A considerably huge amount of TIME, EFFORTS AND RESEARCH WAS PUT INTO IT. VERSION: 8.4.0 LAST UPDATE: 04/03/18 AUTHOR: [email protected]

One victim claims he said, "I'm going to rape you like I rape my daughter." Soros is also connected financially to Clinton, Mc Cain, & the Saudis.

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HOW EVERYTHING BEGUN Q Clearance Anon is a high-level anonymous source who has been dropping "bread crumbs" for several months, signaling worldwide governments & corporate corruption. OOOOBunk ,0600Bunk OOOOBunk OOOOBunk .0600Bunk OOOOBunk OOOOBunk _0600Bunk OOOOBunk ,0600Bunk OOOOBunk OOOOBunk OOOOBunk OOOOBunk OOOOBunk OOOOBunk .

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