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In addition, I will show you how to get all the bonus scenes with Akira, the side story with Tomoko and Kotomi, the Time Machine, the Drama club, the Model competition, the scenes in the Monitor room, the Trading Cards, the Black Stones, etc. Day 0 (Select your style) It is quite possible to do well in this walkthrough with any style you choose.

But for this run, we will go with “Playful”, as it a sure way to raise Charm quickly.

This brief walkthrough will show the steps need to get either the Super Playboy Ending the Goddess Ending (aka Sana's Ending).

Basically, I will show you how you can achieve the goals needed to unlock either ending in one single playthrough.

As others have said you set the standard for making a game you actually care about the characters.

It was a fun, innovative system, that even in your game you lamented how many other dating sims ripped you off, stole your success, and gave you no credit.

Simgirls alone gave a spark of curiosity to my mind and a thirst to find out what all the internet had. or is it just an off game that just slightly related through game play?

Day1-5: For the weekdays, do nothing else but raise the Charm and look for the Black Stones. Tip: Searching for the Black Stones serves another purpose, other than getting the Goddess ending.

In other words, when you find these items, sell them.

If you can, hold on to some items, and wait until the value is higher.

I am so, so excited to see you back on the scene dude.

Apparently ppl who have Simgirls v7.0 still have a difficult time getting all the items, scenes, hentai, etc.We can skip that for a few weeks, without any serious harm.