Sohee and gdragon dating

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The issue was the result of leaking images while validating media sizes during startup.

so other Koreans like me usually say that Sandara should Date with top! There are other girls that he is being rumored to: Ahn Sohee(wondergirls), Kiko mizuhara, etc.

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(Bark like a dog) What bullshit is this Bow, wow, wow Yepi-yo, yepi-ye Bow, wow, wow Do the dog leg, dog leg, lit (Bark like a dog) Hey, what bullshit is this Hey, what bullshit is this Hey, what bullshit is this Do the dog leg, dog leg, lit (Bark like a dog) I am my own lord throughout heaven and earth Dictator of high-ranking generals, pit bull Untie the rope, string, and reins around your neck Unveiled, incubate the smell Run, run, so that your dog fur flies Untie it, untie it, it becomes a change Watch out for the first round The song of crazy dogs (Get your crayon, crayon) Where my dogs at?

Y’all, WTF What bullshit is this Uh, ay, I don’t know either, go ask someone Run, dog, run!

Remember (English Ver.) [#2] Big Bang Release Date: 20 Tracklist: 01.

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High High (Japanese Ver.) (GD&TOP) [#1] Heartbreaker Release Date: 20 Tracklist: 01.First is with Wonder Girls' Sohee, way back before 2ne1 debuted, there was a rumor about heedragon and their so-called closeness because of their collaboration. He liked a photo of YOON/KIKO/VERBAL and YOON/KIKO/CL But, he didn't liked the YOON/KIKO photo that Yoon posted just before posting the YOON/KIKO/CL photo... Is it good that CL is close to THE girl who is rumored to be GD's GF?