Tanith belbin and evan lysacek dating

19-Nov-2020 08:32

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However, the latest whispers are of Evan Lysacek’s new girlfriend Vera Wang.

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just shows that joubert is probably just comfortable and secure enough in his own sexuality.

Despite the 36 year age difference it seems these two might actually make sense! Oh, and let’s not forget that he moonlights as a model for Ralph Lauren!

I’m guessing Vera might actually be more than just a conquest in Evan’s MILF phase.

Yes you did read that correctly the 63 year old newly divorced clothing designer Vera Wang has been seen canoodling with 27 year old Evan Lysacek.

The skater has reportedly shacked up with Vera in her sprawling Beverly Hills estate and the couple has been spotted together on several different occasions. Well it turns out that Vera is a former skater herself and she has designed several skating costumes for Lysacek in the past. When he steps out he’s dressed to the nines sporting the latest trends in Men’s’ fashion.

I was watching the US Men's Figure Skating Championship tonight and fell in love with the winner Evan Lysacek. Too bad he's straight and dating one of the female skaters.

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