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30-Nov-2019 10:46

The platform gives consumers limitless options to purchase framed and poster art from emerging and established artists.This platform enables everyone to create and sell uniquely designed products for customers worldwide.New sellers are being accepted after passing the ”Try For program”Founded in 1998, e Bid is another popular online auction website.They use various online auction models like: Auto-extend; Featured; Gallery; Free; and Platinum Auctions, Run Until Sold, On first bid, etc Classified like marketplace where anyone can sell anything.The world’s largest online marketplace for antiques, vintage collectibles, vintage fashion, fine art and jewelry. Only prescreened sellers by an in-house team are allowed to open shops.Launched 2005 as a Stamp Wants focused on collectible stamps, rebranded 2009 as a Bid Start diversified on all collectibles.Many people write e Books because they want to create a new stream of income, however, you should consider taking your e Book and transforming it into an e Course that you can sell for to 7 and up.

The platform specializes in excess new, refurbished and overstock consumer electronics.This e Commerce platform twists the traditional online auction business model by using "negotiated commerce model".Its a place where buyers and sellers can directly negotiate the price and terms of goods.Practical user interface where shoppers can filter through anything.

Founded in 1999, with an idea to provide a better way to make e-commerce work.If you have nice items for sale or just want to flog your old stuff, try your self by setting up free online store on e Bay.