Twitter connections not updating

27-Mar-2020 06:54

We first learned about this problem yesterday when our member Opera contacted us stating that they, and many others, were having issues connecting to Windows Update.When they tried updating, Windows would report that it could not connect to the update service. If it still doesn't work, make sure you're connected to the Internet" Unfortunately, there is no clear cut answer as to what is causing this issue and some feel it is related to a botched Windows Defender update and others state that this could be a DNS issue.I just changed out the DNS to Open DNS to try, nojoy! Tried the same cleanup routine as "ne0g33k", no go. The method I posted earlier ended not working for a couple laptops, thought ESET might play a role. I'm starting to think this is all on Microsoft at this point and we are at their mercy.Switched the Google DNS and got laptop # 2 updated. Changed DNS server to Google's and had a little success. Disabled it on one of the laptops and left the DNS to default(Comcast). I chose a bad day to do a fresh install of Windows 10, but this technique of changing the DNS to Google worked, first try. The path to the location was a bit different, so I made a screen shot but am not sure as to where to upload to these comments. Still I think some news may not "for the good " of the people. FWIW - had this exact Windows 10/home (version 1809; build 17763.292) Update problem with three Dell Computers (xps 8930/8900/5770laptop) yesterday (01/30/2019) - all PCs on Comcast - problems are now all Solved by MS Technicians (via MS Chat/Remote Access) who seem to have performed several procedures, including flushing the DNS cache & updating to the Google DNS server ( and as described above in the article - hope this helps in some way - in any case - Enjoy! Dennis Bogdan Drbogdan Anybody relying on Level 3 (now Century Link) has probably been having issues. I've been running Quad9 DNS, not Google, and it's been great (and yes, it's free).This leads me to believe this is some sort of network connectivity issue.Many users on outage pages and Twitter are stating that this is an ISP DNS issue.They also had no problems installing the latest Windows Defender 1.285.558.0 update that was released this morning.In fact the only way I could trigger this update was to set my DNS server settings to use a server I did not have access to or did not exist.

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Have you tried switching to Google's DNS service as described below?

Still can't update since Last Checked Yesterday at I was having that issue last night when I first noticed and today, right now, I tried to update again after reading this article. Because you mentioned DNS I decided to bypass changing my system and downloaded a VPN and then did the check up for updates and it worked. My case I was actually trying to update software from the Microsoft store and then I realized that also updates weren't working.