Understanding boys and dating casual dating serious

14-Aug-2020 22:41

He may be a little more realistic about where he’s going in life.

Or he might still have his head in the clouds about what he wants to do and be.

His growing independence may mean he can resist peer pressure better than before, but he’ll probably want to spend more time with his friends than with his family. It might be easier to get him to obey the rules if you talk about the consequences of breaking them instead of just telling him what to do.

Your 17-year-old son probably thinks about dating and sex a lot.

They are bold and forward in interacting with the opposite sex.

They text boys constantly and seek attention in all the wrong ways.

Teenage boys can be very concerned with their appearance.

Eating disorders are more common in girls, but boys can develop them as well.

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He’ll be more aware of his orientation (straight, gay, bisexual, etc.), and he may even have sex.

An estimated one in four kids between ages 12 and 17 have used drugs. Nine out of 10 teenagers use the internet on a mobile device like a smartphone.

Ages 16 to 18 are the peak ages for drinking and using drugs. It could lower his risk of using drugs and alcohol, but it’s also important that you walk the talk. It’s just a part of life for your son, but he needs your guidance on how to stay safe online.

Chasing boys might make them notice you, but it won’t make them love you.

It might lead to dates, but probably not healthy long-term relationships. He wants them to take the lead because it cultivates them into young men and prepares them for their future role as husbands, providers, and leaders of the home.In addition, chasing boys often makes boys run the other way.

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