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30-Mar-2020 13:05

In other words, how to upgrade from RHEL (or Cent OS) 5 to 6 to 7 to 8.The major releases of RHEL appear further and further apart in time, meaning that the changes are more and more complicated.The actions described in this article can damage existing filesystems and operating systems if not done carefully, or even if followed exactly.Please experiment first on a test box, and only proceed after creating current and tested backups if you value your data.Versus 9,007 packages and 6.5 GB on the Cent OS 7 Everything-1511 ISO. The 8 beta release had Apache 2.4.35, which does not.TLS 1.3 with Nginx and Open SSL As for web servers, RHEL 7 gave you Apache 2.4.6. Apache 2.4.37, the first version of Apache to support TLS 1.3, became generally available on October 23.

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This left me confused as to why I could start the firewall administration tool by typing an hourly cron job, but I don't see signs of it.

Red Hat did a lot of work between the beta release in November 2018 and the final release in May 2019.

The kernel stayed at the same "upstream" or original version, 4.18.0, but it went from 4.18.0-32 to 4.18.0-80.

You encounter enormous changes when you change to the next major version of Red Hat's Enterprise Linux product suite.

Here are my notes on what changes when you upgrade from one major release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (or its clone Cent OS).

However, a fresh re-install will have many advantages over upgrading in place.

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