Who is cato dating in the hunger games

31-Mar-2020 11:48

Played by: Jack Quaid Hunger Games death/memorable moments: A tough “career” tribute (aka a trained fighter who volunteered to take part in the Hunger Games in return for a chance of glory), Marvel’s memorable moments included teaming up with the other careers and trying to take down Katniss (boo! Since starring in the Hunger Games, Quaid has appeared in a number of other films, including the Courtney Cox-directed Just Before I Go. What we do care about is the fact that the 23-year-old actor is the son of Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid.), and brutally murdering The Games’s youngest contestant, 12-year-old Rue (double boo! He was then shot in retaliation by a bow-and-arrow wielding Katniss (yay! If you stare at his face for long enough, you can definitely – sort of – see it.Nelson didn’t play the young man who has an affair with Lopez: instead, he played her character’s son.He also had a small role in the 2014 Robert Downey JR/Robert Duvall film the Judge, and a part in the MTV television series Teen Wolf.In Catching Fire, she was the stunt double for Meta Golding, who played Enobaria.

He overheard Clove boast about Rue’s death (which, ironically enough, she wasn’t actually responsible for) and in vengeance, smashed her head first against the Cornucopia. In 2009, prior to starring in The Hunger Games, Fuhrman honed her Scary Credentials by playing the lead role of Esther in the horror film Orphan.

Boy- District 4 Played by: Ethan Jamieson Hunger Games death/memorable moments: Despite trying to hide during the initial Cornucopia bloodbath, “Boy 4” was found by Cato, who quickly slashed his throat.

On the plus side, Jamieson definitely had better hair than any other Tribute. As far as we can tell, Jamieson hasn’t done that much acting since The Hunger Games.

He and his female counterpart had to wear particularly silly silver costumes during the celebratory pre-Games parade, and, after teaming up with the Careers, he was the unfortunate tribute left to guard their stash of supplies .

When Katniss and Rue manage to blow the latter up, he ended up having his neck snapped by an angry Cato. Nelson was in the film Boy Next Door, which gained online notoriety after people noticed that it contained a scene in which Lopez’s young lover gives her a “first edition Iliad”.

Trapped, Katniss sawed a nest filled with venomous, hornet-like tracker jackers from the branches, and let it fall on to the group below.

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