Who is donald sutherland dating

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He's still agonizing over each character he plays, and still plagued by self-consciousness about how he looks. Sometimes they don't feel very good about what they've done Anderson Cooper: Even if it's a pyromaniac in "Backdraft? Donald Sutherland: I'm sorry but Í mean he was so excited, you know? In 1971 he played the enigmatic private detective in the hit "Klute," alongside his then-girlfriend, Jane Fonda.

He's never forgotten what happened after his very first film audition more than fifty years ago, when the writer, director, and producer of the movie he tried out for called him on the phone. To prepare for these roles, he spends months immersing himself in the script, pouring over the parts as he conjures the characters to life. Fonda won an Oscar for her performance, Sutherland wasn't nominated.

You may recognize his name, you've definitely seen his face, but the man. Then, he went, "You with the big ears, you do it." I don't think he knew my name. He was offered a lead in "MASH," then played a hippy tank commander in "Kelly's Heroes," earning a place in Hollywood as an oddball icon of the early 70s counterculture. Anderson Cooper: One critic about a television show you were in said, "The question is not just what a class actor like Sutherland is doing in trash like this, but whether Sutherland is actually in a different show entirely."Donald Sutherland: What was the show? Anderson Cooper: So even now, the character comes back to you. Donald Sutherland: He may be the nicest man I've ever played.

At 82 he's still one of the hardest working actors around. As his career took off, something happened that Sutherland still doesn't quite believe: the guy who grew up thinking he was ugly became a sex symbol. Anderson Cooper: "Dirty Sexy Money."Donald Sutherland: Oh, excuse me.

In 2005 he followed in the footsteps of his 24 star son and, aged 70, appeared in a TV series, Commander In Chief with Geena Davis.

Not all his Seventies films were as forgettable as S*P*Y*S.

His sizzling chemistry with then-girlfriend Jane in Klute and renowned love scene with Julie Christie in supernatural thriller Don't Look Now have become cinema classics.

Donald's career took off after he landed a role in the 1967 flick The Dirty Dozen.

Despite working non-stop since the Sixties Donald had no intention of slowing up post millennium.

He continued to be cast in high-profile, big-budget movies such as Cold Mountain, the re-make of The Italian Job and Pride And Prejudice.

Anderson Cooper: Do you think of yourself as an ugly man?