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The study shall initiate a discussion on the glazing’s impact on the visual perception of the interior of Hagia Sophia.The analysis of historic window glass has been undertaken with the purpose of determining the age of the glass.In a preceding study, the scattering properties of four exemplary finds of Roman glass were quantitatively ascertained.A transmission model fit to these measured optical properties is applied with a geometric model of Hagia Sophia in daylight simulations.Previous research has established how changes in raw materials and window glass manufacturing technologies are manifested in...

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The effects of the three modeled glazing types on the light distribution in the building interior under different sky conditions are compared.But little attention has been paid to the impact of window glass on the lighting of its late antique interior.Production processes leading to air inclusions in the glass volume, uneven thickness and undulated surfaces of Roman window glass cause scattering of transmitted and reflected light.This shows that the p XRF analysis of glass through a UV-absorbing film is not rewarding.

The analysis of 661 of the Walmer Castle window panes is reported and the results are interpreted in relation to previous laboratory-based analyses and the architectural history of Walmer Castle.

more Publication of the 29th International Colloquium of the Corpus Vitrearum. Continuity, Invention, Twilight", Antwerp, 2-6 July 2018.

Law-enforcement expertise is therefore relevant when it imparts “evidence regarding the inner-workings of organized crime[, which] has been held to be a proper subject of expert opinion because such matters are ‘generally beyond the understanding of the average layman.’ ” United States v. This creates a “ ‘significant risk that the jury will be confused by the officer's dual role,’ ” although we have refused “to adopt a per se prohibition of the practice.” Tocco, 200 F.3d at 418 (quoting Thomas, 74 F.3d at 682–83). The district court did not delineate Detective Haglund's testimony—and Haglund himself never distinguished between his fact and expert testimony. “[T]he Rule and the Clause can be reconciled if the expert exercises ‘independent judgment’ in assessing and using the hearsay (and other sources) to reach an expert opinion.” Garcia, 793 F.3d at 1212 (quoting Kamahele, 748 F.3d at 1000). With law-enforcement experts, this line can be difficult to draw because they base their opinions on their experience, which often includes the interrogation of suspects and discussions with cooperating witnesses. 2173, 2182 (2015) (“Statements made to someone who is not principally charged with uncovering and prosecuting criminal behavior are significantly less likely to be testimonial.”). Vargas also testified to some direct linkages between the national Latin Kings and Latin Kings in Michigan. Vargas's interactions with Michigan Latin Kings provided the added benefit of supplying a basis for the jury to apply directly his knowledge of the national organization to the Latin Kings in Michigan. Although he described the Latin Kings's drug-related and violent activities, those activities were largely similar to the types of acts that were discussed in detail involving the Holland Latin Kings. Gang-Tattoo Evidence At trial, the government relied heavily on gang-tattoo evidence to link members of the Holland Latin Kings to each other. 1 at 160:3–14, 1–199:6) (Page ID #14302, 14340–41), as well as the particular tattoos that various members of the Holland Latin Kings had, R. … continue reading »

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