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Parsing the file simply means making repeated calls to the Read function until the parser runs out of XML to read.The simplest way to do this is to put a call to Read inside a while loop.Once you've got the node, you can use the Node Type property to find out what you have.You'll get one of the members of the Node Type enumeration, whose members are listed in the following table.Every time a new node is read, the switch statement checks its type against members of the Xml Node Type enumeration.I haven't included the cases for every possible node type, but only those that occur in the sample document.The XML Processing Classes There are four main classes in the System:: Xml namespace for processing XML.I'll briefly list their capabilities and functionality here, before getting into more detailed examination in the rest of the chapter.

Alternative constructors let you take XML input from URLs, streams, strings, and other Text Reader objects.

So if you need to keep track of where an element occurs within the document structure, you'll need to do it yourself.

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